Harvest your intuition into a focused
method of approach to engage any woman.

About the Right Hand Man App

Let's face it, there are a lot of people out there dying for the affection of the same women you are. Right Hand Man is the first application for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed to help you engage the hearts and minds of women without belittling their intelligence.

Why do the lines work? Because they're honest, thoughtful and for the most part, tender. They can be used to start a conversation, stimulate a lighthearted debate, or lead into more scandalous territory. Essentially, RHM helps stabilize your conversations.

Locate a woman you want to engage. Select the appropriate field in each category, and RHM will choose the best method of approach for your circumstance. Follow the advice, instructions, or whatever methodology is suggested to set yourself apart from the riffraff. It's that simple.

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