Harvest your intuition into a focused
method of approach to engage any woman.

Right Hand Man App FAQ

Q: What If I can get in on my own?
A: Great! Even better! Use the line to advance deeper within enemy terrain.

Q: I'm not particularly handsome.
A: Perhaps not. But sir, I assure you, you are unique. Some of the ugliest guys love beautiful women.

Q: What if she sees me consulting with the Right Hand Man?
A: Don't let that happen. Leave foolishness at home with your toys.

Q: These women are freaking out. They've never heard stuff like this before. Isn't it too much?
A: You don't want anything to do with women that want less.

Q: I'm too earnest, won't these women see right through me?
A: Become crystal; let them see that you want them so bad you are willing to extend outside your own comfort zone.

Q: I'd like to suggest a line of my own. How can I do that?
A: Please send us your ideas to, suggestions@righthandmanhq.com.

Q: Some of your references are beyond me, can I replace them with my own?
A: Oh, yes, by all means feel free to adapt any line to fit your needs. Simply keep in mind that each line does gesture towards a certain "type" of woman.

Q: Should I make any psychical contact while speaking?
A: Go where the lights are green.

Q: What's the first thing she'll notice about me (physically)? My smile, my nose, me shoes, my watch?
A: Your attitude and body language are vital. Be sure your stance and verbal bounce projects confidence, playfulness, and humility. There are plenty of beautiful women laying with goblins. And some of them aren't even rich.

Q: I'm not smart like Right Hand Man. Will she see right through me?
A: I think you're underestimating yourself. Besides, the lines are meant to be used as a catalyst, not a blocker. Have fun, be yourself, and have courage; you'll be fine.

Q: What are the quotes for? I'm not Steve Martin.
A: No, you certainly are not. But Mr. Martin is a celebrity, a famous person. Therefore, the things he says are taken note of by writers, biograghers, historians, etc.. Just as with Socrates, Kierkegaard, Jeff Tweedy, Cleopatra, RoboCop, John Currin, Abraham Lincoln, and just about anybody you've ever heard of, Steve Martin has said things that could be helpful to a person who wants to amuse a woman.

Q: What if she ignores me?
A: Try with another one.

Q: I had an amazing experience using RightHandMan! Can I send you my success story?? How can I reach Right Hand Man?
A: Please do. Right this way, info@righthandmanhq.com

Q: I've come across the same line twice, is this an error?
A: If you're using the random function, the answer is a resolute YES. It's called random for a reason.

Q: I'm shy, will RHM get me out of my shell?
A: It might. Or not.

Q: How are your "conversation starters" different from pick-up lines?
A: Pick-up lines are diminutive while RHM lines are original, and designed to work on smarter women.

Q: At which point should I confess to that I'm using RHM lines to the person I've used them on?
A: Say nothing. Ever.

Q: I have poor taste in women, will the RHM tell me who I should approach?
A: No. If you can't even decide which girl you want to talk to, not even Right Hand Man can help you.

Q: How much of the line's success is based on me, and not the line itself, percentage wise?
A: A little from column A, and a little from column B.

Q: The line worked and she wants to talk, but I don't know what else to say. Should I use the next line the app gives me?
A: You could, but she might think its strange that you get up and leave her side every time you change topic of conversation. Why not listen to her, and then disagree with everything she says.
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